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Engineering [r]: The profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to economically use the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. [e]Chemical engineering [r]: The field of engineering that deals with industrial and natural processes involving the chemical, physical or biological transformation of matter or energy into forms useful for mankind, economically and safely without compromising the environment [e]

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BTX [r]: The acronym commonly used in the petroleum and petrochemical industries to refer to mixtures of the aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, toluene, and the three xylene isomers. [e]

Fluid catalytic cracking [r]: A petroleum refining process that cracks the large hydrocarbon molecules in the portion of the petroleum crude oil boiling above 340 C into lower boiling, more valuable high octane gasoline and olefinic gases. [e]

Gasoline [r]: A fuel for sparkignited internal combustion engines derived from petroleum crude oil. [e]

Hydrocracking [r]: A catalytic chemical process used in petroleum refineries for converting the highboiling constituent hydrocarbons in petroleum crude oils to more valuable lowerboiling products such as gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel and diesel oil. [e]

Hydrodesulfurization [r]: A catalytic chemical process used in petroleum refining to remove sulfur compounds from intermediate and refined endproducts. [e]

Petroleum naphtha [r]: An intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of petroleum crude oil and which may be further processed to obtain a gasoline blending component. [e]

World conqueror and historical legend Alexander the Great inspired renowned Swiss watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin, to make this unique, technologically superior watch. Ulysse Nardin’s Alexander the Great Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Minute Repeater has been presented at the Baselworld 2011 Watch Show.

The timepiece, that represents best skills of Ulysse Nardin watchmakers, brings together high luxury and some of the rarest mechanical complications in the world of high horology. Completely decorated, angled and handfinished mechanism comprises 36 jewels and has a superb powerreserve of 70 hours. What really makes this movement great and unique are the minute repeater and Jaquemarts.

The Minute Repeater is a very old technology, patented in 17th century, which uses both, hands and sound to mark time. It requires great efforts and the highest skills and only the best watchmakers can boast of this prestigious product.

The Westminster has four gongs and each goes with a different tone MiDoReSol (Sol is for the hour sound and Mi is a sound of the minute gong). Different combinations of sounds mark each quarter 1st quarter: MiDoReSol; 2nd quarter: MiDoReSol/SolReMiDo; 3rd quarter: MiDoReSol/SolReMiDo/MiDoReSol.

Jaquemarts and Alexander the Great

Ulysse Nardin is the one of rare watchmakers that still uses Jaquemarts on the dial of minute repeaters. These animated, mechanized figures show armorclad Alexander the Great and four handcrafted warriors in a battle. They make moves, synchronized with minute, quarter and hour gongs.

The 44 mm case is made of 18karat white gold or rose gold 4N. That is just a part of luxury on the Ulysse Nardin Alexander the Great Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Jaquemarts Minute Repeater watch. Its dial is completely covered by man made decorative diamonds. Millions of small, faceted diamond crystals form a unique, sparkling, twodimensional surface for an historic battle.

The story about Alexander the Great could be displayed on your wrist, if you hurry up and buy one of 100 pieces, from more than interesting luxury watch edition.

Baselworld 2011 Victorinox Returns to Fundamental Values

Victorinox Swiss Army has prepared new functional models for the Baselworld 2011. The latest arrivals are members of the successful AirBoss and Alliance collections, and will be available at a price range between $430 and $1000.

The inspiration for the AirBoss series is the officer on an aircraft carrier who coordinates every takeoff and landing. That task requires pinpoint precision and attention to details and these are exactly the characteristics of watches from the Victorinox AirBoss series.

The latest timepiece from this series (model 241505) is somewhat simpler in its design and slightly smaller (diameter of 42 millimeters) than the AirBoss watches that preceded it. This smart Victorinox Swiss Army timepiece marks the return to fundamental values. The new AirBoss has three hands, three circles of digit tracks and a date aperture at six o’clock position. Every single detail is serious and sober and its readability is impeccable.

Though simple in its basic design, more careful inspection reveals that this watch has many fine details that don’t diminish its legibility. The best examples of intricate design are the raised Arabic numerals and the diamondcut stripes on its dial. The new AirBoss features reliable and accurate automatic mechanical movement, which is visible through the crystal case back.

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In 1936 they designed and built the Radiomir, a wristwatch named after a luminous material used to make it glow in the dark. It is arguably the first appearance of a wristwatch featuring glow in the dark arms. In 1997, Panerai was taken over by Richemont. Richemont is a Swiss, luxury goods company. The internals of the watch were then upgraded, keeping the external design essentially untouched. Richemont clearly recognized not only what needed to be changed, but what needed to be left alone.

While many watch companies flood the market with different designs, Panerai is very unusual. It only offers two standard models, the Radiomir and the Luminor. There are many different theme variations, but all are based on the same, classic design form.

Radiomir’s design remains largely unchanged to this day, and is perhaps one of the longest running watch models in existence. The Radiomir also boasts a signature, pillow shaped body form. Aside from bringing the glow in the dark concept to the watch world, the Radiomir is famous for its one of a kind crownguard and classic Panerai sandwich dial.

However, the Richemont Panerai merger did not come without its hiccups. For many years the internal workings of the watch were produced by other companies, such as Rolex and JaegerLeCoultre. This prevented the Panerai from fully maturing into its own brand.

In 2005, the company produced the Calibre p.2002 , a hand wound mechanical drive with an extended, 8 day power reserve. This in house created watch movement produced a splash and made Panerai a stand out among the hotly competitive Swiss watch industry.

In an industry that seems to march to the beat of “when in doubt, design more models,” Panerai creates a name for itself simply by virtue of its unwavering belief in its two and only two models.

As a result, a Luminor or Radiomir can be recognized at a glance. In the game of releasing as many new models of watches as possible, Panerai has won by refusing to play.

Panerai, having started life as utilitarian diving watches from its role as the official supplier of the Royal Italian Navy, has now established itself as one of the top luxury brands in the world. owing one ia a dream for many.

Panerai’s two popular lines, Panerai Radiomir and Panerai Luminor were developed in direct response to the demands of Italian submariners, divers, and commandos and this military heritage is easily reflected in its understated design, elegance, and austere black features. The Arabic numerals used in the brand’s timepieces make Panerai one of the most iconic brands of modern times.

Brushed and polished stainless steel case with a black leather bracelet. Fixed stainless steel bezel. Black dial with luminous hands and luminous Arabic numeral hour markers. Minute markers. the Ferrari logo appears center dial. tachymeter scale around the inner bezel. Luminescent hands. Two 60 seconds and 30 minutes. Automatic movement. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Stainless steel hobnail design crown. Sapphire crystal case back. Case diameter: 45 mm. Case thickness: 16.8 mm. Personalized folding clasp. Water resistant at 100 meters / 330 feet. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, tachymeter.

Oris watches are very affordable, beautiful Swiss watches. They feature mechanical movements some with automatic winding with a trademark red rotating red rotor. The range of Big Crown watches is a particular favorite of mine and, while I was initially drawn to the Big Crown with Pointer Date collection, I’ve now shifted to the more modern styling of the BC3 collection.

I had my heart set on the Big Crown with Pointer Date. I wanted a large watch with a black face and black leather strap and this Oris watch seemed to fit the bill, in terms of price and design. There is a choice of case size but, to my mind, the large crown is best complemented by a large case. I liked the largest case in the collection 40mm model reference. Oris is well known for its pointer date watches and I really liked the redtipped horseshoe shaped pointer. I loved the simple Arabic numerals at each hour mark and the day numbers on the outer rim.

However, there is one feature I don’t like, and that is the hour and minute arms. They seem slightly too ornate. By this I mean, the minute hand has straight sides that taper out slightly before forming a wedge at the top; this wedge is then topped with a slim needlelike pointer. The hour hand is smaller and features straight, slightly outwardly tapered sides that then change into an oval shape that is topped with another needlelike pointer. The overall look of the watch is very nice but I just would prefer simpler hands.

This brings me to the Oris BC3 the 3 stands for third generation of pilot’s watches. This collection is unequivocally modern in design. There are currently two models in the collection; each comes with a matt stainless steel casing, black dial and either a black rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet. Both models come with a day aperture at the 12 o’clock position and a date aperture at the 6 o’clock position.

There are two sizes of case; 40 or 42mm. The shape of the casing is the same for both, with a slightly raised though flat bezel the Pointer Date watch comes with a fluted bezel. I really like the simpler lines of the case and bezel of the BC3. The simplicity of design is carried through on to the dial. Both the hour and minute arms are the same in design with the hour being shorter. They are simple straight, thickish and end in ‘long’ wedges.

The design of the dial differs slightly on the two models. While both have Arabic numerals at each hour, one watch has a small luminescent dot above the numeral (with two above the 12), whereas the other, features dashes (rectangles) above the numerals with two appearing above the 12. My preference is for the dashes, as they better complement the straight, plain arms and general smoothedge design of the watch.

If you’re a lover of big crown, big watches then the big crown collections of Oris watches will certainly appeal. The Big Crown with Pointer Date will be for those who like a more traditionally style of watch but for those like me who want a more contemporary looking watch the Oris BC3 will be the first choice.

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Cloud storage service provider Nirvanix announced on Monday it is offering direct connections to its cloud storage network in Equinix International Business Exchange data centers.

The service is particularly ideal for hosting companies that are not currently offering cloud storage. It enables them to provide a valueadded service and stay competitive against cloud computing companies, all without having to make a costly upfront investment or manage the infrastructure.

By offering this direct connection to Nirvanix offerings, new and existing Equinix customers are able to establish a private network connection between their IT infrastructure and the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network in the same data enter, providing immediate access to the Nirvanix Cloud File.

The efficiencies and pricing of the Cloud Storage Network let hosting companies offer storage to customers at a fraction of the cost of an inhouse cloud storage solution and more economically than many cloud computing providers.

The service is currently available in Equinix data centers in New Jersey, Frankfurt, and Tokyo and enables customers to bypass Internet service providers to improve throughput, gain consistent network performance, reduce costs and add cloud storage capabilities to their existing IT offerings.

cloud storage a virtual extension of an organization IT infrastructure is quickly replacing conventional approaches for applications such as backup and archival, said Scott Genereux, president and CEO of Nirvanix. offering direct connections to our Cloud Storage Network, Equinix customers running a cloud computing environment or a SAN storage infrastructure can now establish an immediate and direct connection into our public cloud for ondemand storage capacity, availability and bandwidth. This provides them with continuous data access achieved by multiple live replicas spread across a global grid, enabling workflow sharing and content collaboration across multiple diverse locations while maintaining data consistency. service provides high volume data transfer, improved performance via its high bandwidth, low latency connectivity. Customers can perform more frequent migration/replication of data, allowing for more homogenous business continuity/disaster recovery policies, and retention strategies.

With a Nirvanix Hybrid Cloud Storage node deployed within an Equinix data center and a direct connection, customers can maintain cloud storage capacity on premises for frequently accessed data, as well as the ability to access the public cloud for ondemand capacity and bandwidth, supporting cloudbursting during peak business hours.

Nirvanix direct connections can be partitioned into multiple logical connections, enabling customers to use the same connection to access public and private resources.

Equinix recently partnered with Carpathia Hosting to build a 64,000 square foot data center in Dulles, Virginia, while Nirvanix recently partnered with managed colocation provider DRFortress to deploy enterprise cloud storage service based in DRFortress’s base of Hawaii.

Talk Back: Are you considering adding Nirvanix storage cloud network to your current offerings? Do you see it as a more economical solution to other cloud storage services? Let us know in the comments.

An offering from the B series line of printers from Okidata is the Okidata B4300 printer and Oki B4300 printer cartridge. Printers from this company manage to perform the basis functions of most businesses, be that business at an office or at a home. This printer provides picturesque prints consistently and precisely, no matter the workload.

The Okidata B4300 printer provides great versatility for handling paper and also comes with a large number of expansion options. It is a monochromatic printer that is exceptional for how userfriendly it is.

This printer is compact and will not take up much space on your desk. It is only 9″ x 14″ x 16″ (H x W x D) and weighs about 24 pounds, so it is also very portable. The stylish finish means that it looks decent too!

The B4300 is a breeze to set up. The manuals are easy to understand and come in both print and onscreen format. You do not require the computer itself to control this printer. This makes it dissimilar from many black and white laser printers. The LCD display including the menu is on the printer itself, meaning the PC is not necessary for configuration. And, when you need to put more toner in or unblock a paper jam, it is very easy because there is one button on the unit that you press to open it.

The Okidata B4300 printer has four sets of buttons which operate the four levels in the menu. On the control panel there are eight singlepress buttons for different functions, such as viewing menu options, canceling print jobs and changing the values for your print jobs. It is impossible to make mistakes this way! You can also make it part of a work group if you upgrade it using a network interface. There is a parallel port and USB port for connectivity.

You can use either printed or digital onscreen manuals to help set up this computer. Both are explained in an easy to follow way. The unit can be opened with a single button if you need to replace the toner or resolve paper jams. And it supports all the big operating systems available today. It is flexible in the range of paper and envelope types it can handle.

The Okidata B4300’s paper handling is the main selling point. It can hold 250 sheets of paper in its automatic slidein paper feed cassette and the paper level indicator is located on the front of the unit, so you can easily see if you are running low or running out. There’s also a manual feed tray included and at the back of the unit there’s a flip open output tray so you can store your prints faceup, not facedown.

With Okidata B4300 toner, stylized and sharp looking prints are all your printer will produce with unbelievable talent. Enough to awe employees and owners alike, Okidata printers are an incredible selection for any company that provides uncontested print speed and exact detail.

Printing like a pro is speedy and simple with the easy to control and efficient Okidata B4300 offering its userfriendly interface. Regardless of technical comprehension or affinity, this Okidata printer has a gentle learning curve and can suit the desires of any user. Adding or removing the top quality is just as stress free and convenient.

Okidata B4300 printer toner will allow stunning and fine looking prints. You won’t want to be without the Okidata B Series toner. It’s a good thing there are companies such as Qtoner toner available online.

Wherever you stay or wherever you go, you can notice that there are some items that can be seen being worn by people both as a necessity and a fashion item. Timepieces have taken the world by storm, whether these are originals or replica watches. We have heard of so many names that are popular with the modern age groups like Swatch, Fossil, and other watches. However, there are classics that cannot be erased by age or time itself. In fact, these items are so expensive that there are companies that are selling fake watches so that people will be able to afford such important pieces just like a Rolex replica.

We cannot deny the fact that watches are one of the fashion accessories that are commonly being worn these days. There have been watches that were made to match clothes, moods, and styles. However, as much as these kinds of timepiece are being out in the market, being sold in bunches and groups, one kind of item that does not lose value are those watches that have names such as Chanel J12 watch, Tag Heuer, Omega, and the ever expensive Rolex watches. There are a few that can afford the real ones. But to those who would like to have the real thing, without burning the pocket, you can get Swiss replica watches that are fad these days.

The trend in fashion is dictated in two terms: One, matching and using styles to suit the lifestyle and mood of the person and two, wearing accessories and items that have been created by fashion icons. Depending on the availability of resources that can be used wherever the individual is, he or she may opt to just use the first choice if financial sources are limited or both, if it is necessary to flaunt a bit about the items being sported together with the chosen fashion. Even just wearing fake Rolex watches or replica Omega can already make a difference in how the person presents himself to the public.

With the skills and materials for making genuine watches being accessible for many trades and markets, it is now possible for them to create perfect copies or just almost complete replicas of the real watches. If you can just imagine how great the price difference is, just because it has been made by the original maker? A fake Omega can cost about $250$400 the most, but original ones are about $15,000! Even just buying a Breitling replica can be a lot of pride for you.

When you look at it in any perspective, buying a Panerai replica or a fake Breitling is still worth the value. After all, when people are looking around, it will not really matter if what you wear is original or not. As long as you can afford buying those items you need for the sake of being proud of what you wear, do not worry about individuals that can detect if it is a fake or not. They will not even notice it since Perfect Watchest can make the perfect replica.

If you are a Michigan or Great Lakes boater, you are anxious to get the next boating season started. As you look forward to that first fine weekend at the dock or on the lake, spend some time on preseason preventative maintenance that can help make your entire summer more enjoyable.

A big key to your spring maintenance is determined by how the boat was stowed away for the winter. If you tucked your boat away dry, indoors or with a good cover, properly winterized, clean and uncluttered with batteries disconnected, systems drained and fluids changed, then you’ll have less to conquer in the Spring. Let’s pretend you did all the right things in the Fall and focus on some extra ideas that could help get your season off on the right foot. You may want to get together with the Service Manager at your local full service marina for his advice and to schedule needed work before the shop’s schedule fills up.

How did you cover your boat? If you are outdoors and shrinkwrapped, please be sure to work with your boat yard or local recycling center for environmentallyfriendly disposal of your shrinkwrap. This plastic is indeed recyclable and you can do your part by keeping it out of the landfill don’t throw it in the dumpster. Many boat yards and shoreline communities have recycling programs.

Now that the cover is off, perform your own inspection of deck and underwater hardware and the hull, bottom and deck conditions. Check bow rail stanchions that may have worked loose under the cover and rebed those if needed, properly sealed to prevent moisture intrusion. Check all other deck fittings cleats, chocks, drains and more to make sure they are properly caulked. Spend extra time on areas at or below the waterline, such as trim tab and swim platform mounts, transducer and pump thruhulls, rawwater pickups and other areas that should be inspected yearly for proper seal. Longterm weeping of moisture past those seals can soak coring materials in your transom or hull, causing larger problems later. When in doubt, caulk it.

How does your bottom look? A fresh coat of paint makes fall grime removal easier and improves running efficiency during the season. Sand flaked areas and apply a thin coat of fresh bottom paint before launch. If the bottom has excessive buildup or unmanageable flaking, you should consult your boat yard about a strip and repaint job. If you take it down to bare gelcoat, be sure to properly prepare the surface before reapplying your barrier coat and bottom paint.

Think back to last season for a mental review of some of your boat’s components.

How old are your batteries? If you can’t remember when they were last changed, check the labeled date or your receipt file. Don’t put last year’s troublemaker back in the boat. Replace it. A dead battery at the launch ramp or pulling anchor off the beach can be a dayspoiler.

When was your last oil filter change? Boaters are split about 5050 on their preferences for Fall or Spring oil changes. But by all means, start the new season with “fresh” oil, whether it was poured in October or April. And don’t forget your midseason change or at the next 50 engine hours, whichever comes first.

When did you last change impellers? Water pump impellers tend to shrink or become brittle over time and lose their effectiveness. Don’t run hot change your impellers to prevent a problem, before launch.

If your boat is a stern drive, when was your last stern drive service? Drive service should be performed yearly prior to launch, to prevent costly failures later. If your boat is an inboard, when did you last have your shafts aligned? This can only be done after launch, but should be done yearly to help reduce coupler, shaft and cutlass bearing wear. If you noticed any vibration last season, you should be checking alignment and props before launch. For inboard boaters as well, spring launch is the right time to inspect shaft packings. If your shaft is dripping more frequently than 10 drops per minute, your shaft log needs to be tightened or repacked. Don’t let water run into your bilge from leaky shaft seals. Tighten or replace as needed.

Upon launch, immediately check for any leaks from through hulls and check all engine hoses and belts while the engine is running. Tighten clamps as needed and plan to replace any suspect hoses. Carefully monitor engine temperature during that first start up to make sure that your engine’s cooling system is functioning and check other critical gauges oil pressure, alternator output to ensure your engine is running properly before you get under way. Before getting away from the dock for the first time, briefly and carefully shift into forward and reverse while tiedoff to make sure the engine does not stall and moves properly in and out of gear. If your boat is trailerable, you can perform many of these tasks with the aid of a garden hose and engine intake muffs. See your marine technician for advice.

Your boat is for your enjoyment and maintenance need not be expensive. In fact, proper maintenance is much less expensive than neglected maintenance. See your local full service marina or marine supply store for more helpful service suggestions. And have a great boating season!

Slips, trips and falls are probably the most common causes of accidents in the world. In the United States alone, these account for nearly 20% of all accident claims. If you injure yourself at work because of these reasons, then you are entitled to claim slip compensation. However, if you are an employer or an employee, then it should be your primary responsibility to ensure that your working environment is absolutely safe, as this will help prevent workplace accidents like slips from occurring. Ask your work staff to walk instead of run if they want to avoid hurting themselves. Uneven edges, stray threads and lumps or bumps in your mats or rugs can lead to workplace accidents like slips, trips or falls. Try to get rid of these so as to provide for a safer and more even walking surface. Put in hand rails, better lighting, tread marked ramps and bright floor marking to make your workplace safer and prevent accidents. Lighting on the stairs and across floor levels should be corrected as well. Always make sure you wear well fitting shoes that are sensible to work.

Follow the above mentioned steps carefully, and you can avoid all workplace accidents related to trips, slips and falls..