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The good detail and decent wearing way can help you create a decent personal image, and also let you send out the feel of a success. In addition, it is interesting to note that from the medical point of view, watch wearing also is related with your health. Here let’s learn about the suitable way to wear the replica Tag Heuer Golf.

For the question of which hand to wear your Tag heuer Golf Watch, just explain it according to the point of the occasions you are attending.

Man attend different occasions, he needs to pay different stress and attention on wearing his watch. And he should choose different wearing way and different style watch according to different occasions.

replica tag heuer watches

replica tag heuer watches

When the man attend to the formal occasions such as the business activities or senior banquet, he’d better to wear his Tag Heuer Golf watch on the left hand, which is following the international common practice as well as the local traditional habits, to appear sedately and decently, and it also won’t appear different to give a person the sense of frivolity. And when attending the banquet or other formal occasions, you just need to wear a dignified and elegant watch, which is suitable to show up from your cufflinks. At the moment, you must keep the color of the cufflinks in conformity with the wrist watch material. If the cufflink is enamel or inlaid gems, it also had better wear a watch which is set with precious stones, and the color of the watch pointer on the dial should be consistent with cufflinks color.

When a man attend to the friends parties or the social gathering, he can determine which hand to wear his Tag Heuer Golf watch according to his hobbies and his clothing styles and the tastes of his friends circle. And when wearing casual clothes, he needs to wear a big-size watch, which can be matched with his T-shirt and his tweed.